Vog at dawn (photos)

I was almost sorry to see most of the vog had been blown away by the return of light tradewinds this morning.

The heavy vog made for some great morning views.

Here are a few of our recent Kaaawa mornings….

As usual, click to see a larger version of any photo.


Along Kam Highway

Kaaawa Beach Park

Looking towards Kualoa

Beach clean-up on Saturday

Please come & help out, if you can!

Kaaawa Community Association

Ka`a`awa Beach Clean-up

Saturday Oct. 6, 2012

8:30 am – Check-In

We will have 2 starting / check-in points
(Kalae`o`io Park and Swanzy Beach Park

10:00 to 11:00 – Refreshments

Meet for refreshments at Ka`a`awa Beach Park
near bathroom when clean-up is done

Bring the whole family and keep our beautiful beach clean!

Collection bags and gloves will be provided

Our mailing address is:
Kaaawa Community Association
P.O. Box 33
Kaaawa, HI 96730

Kaaawa birthday party spans four generations

Papa WardSeveral hundred people gathered yesterday to celebrate Ward Lemn’s birthday, and the first birthday of his twin grandchildren who share the same birthday (a number of decades apart). It was, as always at the Lemn family home, quite a party.

Preparations, including catching, cleaning, and cooking a variety of fish, have been going on for well over a week. The tents and tables were in place by Friday morning. Decorations must have been done by menehunes, as the place was decked out beautifully.

Ward wore a jumpsuit made by his late wife back in the 1970s. It made quite a statement.

The food was superb, although vegans were sort of on their own. The well-practiced cooking crew made it all look simple.

I’ve been the semi-official photographer for several of these big parties, and they keep getting better and better.

–> Click here to enjoy more photos from this celebration in Kaaawa

Aloha, Ms. Roo

RooI honestly couldn’t recall when we met Ms. Roo. So this evening I went searching through years of photographs of the dogs we meet on our morning walks through Kaaawa at dawn.

Roo was in a lot of them.

But I finally found what appears to be the record of our first meeting in early March 2003.

Here’s how I described our meeting at that time:

“Today we met Roo and a friend down at the beach. Her friend, part-Whippet, was on a leash, but Roo was loose. When I first saw Roo heading across the sand towards the water, I thought she was jumping into holes dug in the sand. Then I quickly realized that she was missing most of her front legs. She didn’t seem to be paying much attention to her disability, though, being far too focused on all the beach smells and the waves ahead.”

There are several good photos of Roo from that day nine years ago. Just click on her photo to see them.

Roo didn’t have front legs, but she had a doggone good life, thanks to the loving care of Carol, her adopted person. Roo got driven to the beach, then carried from the car to a spot where she could make her way down to the sand. One lucky dog. And a lucky person, too.

In recent months, Roo has had much more trouble getting around. She no longer did her trick of sitting up to beg for a morning biscuit, although she did love to see us walking towards her on the beach. We just saw her on the beach last weekend, and I gave her the usual, a large Costco dog biscuit broken up into smaller pieces.

But today I got the sad news. Carol said her final goodbyes to Roo yesterday, September 19. I haven’t heard any details, just that she’s gone.

So, in her honor, here’s a video of Ms. Roo on the beach in Kaaawa from a couple of years ago. She was a good dog.

Running backwards from Kaaawa to San Francisco

The cover of my 2012 Kaaawa Calendar features a pretty dramatic sunrise. A the center of the photo, a man is seen standing int the water just a few feet from the beach, silhouetted against the colors of dawn.

He lives just across the street from this spot in Kaaawa, and starts his typical day, as we do, on the beach. The difference is that he heads right into the water as he helps the sun cross the horizon, while we’re walking along the beach or, at high tide, the shoulder of Kamehameha Highway.


This morning we belatedly learned that he’s in the process of running from Santa Monica to San Francisco, a distance just short of 500 miles. Quite a feat. And he’s doing it running backwards.

Shadrack Anderson calls himself “Backwards Running Man,” for good reason, obviously. You can read more on Shad’s website, on facebook, or follow him on Twitter. He was also featured in a recent MidWeek story.

The only problem is that backwards running man was, by his telling, born in the same year that I was, which means that he’s turning 65 this year. If that’s true, he’s pretty amazing. The problem is that it instantly makes me feel like a decrepit slug.

But it’s Friday. I’ll open a bottle of wine tonight and raise a glass to his backward adventure.

Spike in crime noted in Kaaawa

There’s been another spike in crimes in and around Kaaawa over the past couple of months, including burglaries, thefts, and car break-ins.

Here’s a list of crimes reported to police since July 1. “UEMV” means unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle. In other words, a car break-in.

You can keep track of new crimes by check the Honolulu Police Department’s online “Crime Mapping” system.

crime report

Community Association potluck dinner on Tuesday, Sept. 11

The board of the Kaaawa Community Association is inviting Kaaawa residents to a potluck dinner at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, September 11. The dinner will be held at Kaaawa School, and will be followed by an association meeting.

The potluck is part of the board’s effort to revitalize the community organization with new faces and new ideas.

An email from the KCA provides additional detail:

We will eat from 7:00 to 7:30 and then hold a regular KCA meeting from 7:30 to 8:30

Bring a dish to share for the potluck and KCA will supply cutlery, paper goods and drinks.

Come and meet your KCA Board Members and share ideas about our community.

Join us on facebook. Our open group is: http://www.facebook.com/groups/157995927600771/
or just search for Kaaawa Community Association



. Welcome, introduction of board and new members
. Minutes of the last meeting

. Treasurer’s Report

. Community Reports

a. Ka`a`awa Beach Owners Association

b. Ka`a`awa Elementary School

c. Neighborhood Board

d. HPD Neighborhood Report

e. Kualoa Ranch Report

f. Parks and Recreation – Checking into status of Swanzy Beach Park facility use and status of playground.

. Old Business

a. Continuation of ideas for community events

. New Business

a. Beach Clean-up October 6th 2012

1)Planning committee


Introduction to State House of Representatives and Senator Candidates

Announcements – Next regular meeting


Four favorite Kaaawa dogs

Happy packFrequent visitors to this site may recall meeting Bruce, the happy great dane, and his friends on a couple of previous occasions. They live just across from the beach in Kaaawa, and we enjoy every chance to watch them play when we happen to get to the beach at the same time in the early morning.

The pack–Ms. Zen, the senior dog; Ms. Coral, who was adopted to keep Zen company; Ms. Lani, who came later and is very happy about her situation; and Bruce, the big puppy.

Click on the photo to see all of these dogs at play.

You can also click below for a short video of Bruce at play.

Ants on the move

We were on the return leg of our early morning walk yesterday, enjoying the back roads of Kaaawa, when we noticed an unusual trail of ants on the road. It looked like a whole ant nest was in the process of moving from one side of the road to the other, all in an amazingly organized line. I at least had the sense to get a brief video. Not the world’s best video, but pretty weird nonetheless.